Kent Hovind: 100 Reasons Why Evolution is So Stupid

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Kent Hovind, a teacher for 15 years and an evangelist for 12 years, gives in this sermon posted on YouTube 100 reasons why Evolution theory is what he called “stupid.”

As a creationist, he says he believes in the Bible and has been speaking on creation, evolution and dinosaurs around the world.

His sermon appears to be sort of an answer to what the evolutionist scientist Richard Dawkins once said:

“It is absolutely safe to say that if you meet someone who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked),” according to New York Times.

“I think evolution is stupid,” Hovind replies, defining the word “stupid” as “lacking normal intelligence;” “foolish.”

During his sermon, Hovind questions and analyzes the theory of Big Bang and other theories of evolution. He shows how the theories most often lead to no conclusion and shows that most of them cannot be really proved and explained.

“Why did it explode? Or where did the energy come from?” he asked referring to the Bing Bang theory that is based on a big explosion.

Hovind says he is not against Science but points out that the Science books contain lies.

Find out in this video all the 100 reasons why not to believe in the evolution theory by Hovind.