Judgment Day, Every Day... Again!: A Christian Editorial

As we get one day closer to the "new doomsday", Friday October 21, 2011, what could I say that hasn't already been said?

Do I believe that there will be an eventual judgment day? A day when the King of the entire universe, GOD, will bring an end to this present age? Like many other Christians, I do believe that. Do I think it's this Friday? No, I don't. But while people are focusing on the obvious scriptures such as "no one knows the day or hour", "he will come like a thief in the night", I'd like to focus on one passage that has gone unnoticed in the craziness leading up to Saturday, Hebrews 9:27.

"It is appointed for man, once to die, then the judgment."

I encourage you to think about this statement. Meditate on it's meaning. Drink deeply of what it might possibly mean for you, a loved one, a friend or neighbor. As we wait eagerly for this day to come and go, some probably more frantic over it then others. The fact is that you could die 11:59 PM, the day before and that's judgment day for you! Every single one of us has a destiny with the grave. A day when these physical bodies get old and fail to work or because of some accident, tragedy or act of violence a life may be snuffed out too soon to imagine. But sure enough, "it is appointed for man, once to die, then the judgment."

Once that happens, there is nothing else but to stand before GOD and have an account read of your life.GOD is not sitting there with a scale, weighing the good against the bad. He is asking one simple question.Did your put your faith in my Son, Jesus? The one who tips the scale in your favor eternally? The one who I sent so you might have forgiveness of sins and relationship with me? Your good works don't even fill the scale let alone tip it in your favor. But that was the point of Christ. His life and death was lived out in such a way that we would not have to rely on our own means. But by just believing in Him! John 3:16, For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him, would not perish but have everlasting life!  That's it, faith in Christ! Then allowing that faith in Christ to build in us a desire to live our lives in a way that is honoring towards him. Not to "pay him back" or "make up for it" but just because he did so much for us on that cross. Think about it, Jesus died, to this day, the most excruciating death ever imagined. What could you possibly do to make up for that?

I know there are those that would say, I know Jesus, I believe in him. But do you? Do you live your life to honor him? Or do you say things that bring GOD down to your meager understanding of good and bad? "I think I've done enough", " GOD knows I'm a good person", "GOD wouldn't send people to hell" . Do you say these things with sin already creeping at the door, almost as a mantra to excuse the willful, habitual fulfillment of your sinful desires? Do you praise GOD and then curse him with the same mouth? Here's one I recently heard as an excuse for willfully living in sin, "GOD wants me to be happy!"

This is not to beat you down, but to make a point. There are people right now preparing to meet GOD. They think it's really going to happen. I am also sure there are those that don't believe Friday's the day, yet something inside them is wondering, what if? Maybe its caused them to act a little kinder and maybe even "throw up" a prayer to GOD, "just in case."

I would encourage you again, think DEEPLY, look at these words carefully, "It is APPOINTED for man, ONCE to die, then THE JUDGMENT!" Whether that's today, Friday, the end of the mayan calendar or 10 years from now, you will have an accounting before GOD.

GO! With the slate clean!

GO! With the name and work of Jesus on your lips and in service to Him.

GO! Knowing that before GOD, Jesus has been your advocate!

GO! In repentance and faith.

GO! In obedience and love!

Don't wait until the "judgment of the world" because tomorrow could be your personal judgment day!

I pray you understand the heart behind these words.