Jesus 'Resurrects' on Google as Harold Camping's Rapture Fails

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Jesus proved he's still got it by rising to the #1 hot topic in Google after Harold Camping's May 21 rapture prediction proved false on the East Coast of the US.

At 6:01 PM EST, when Harold Camping predicted violent earthquakes should rock the East Coast of the US, the topic of Jesus rose to the #1 ranking of Google news as several news outlets covered his second coming and asked whether he will still return after today's failed doomsday prediction.

While many Christians agreed that Jesus will return, the consensus was that when it comes to the exact time and date of his return, we "will not know the day or the hour" as it is written in several Bible passages.

Camping, labeled a "false prophet" by evangelicals, lost credibility as 6 PM rolled by and the US East Coast still stood.

Meanwhile, Jesus, after claiming the spotlight for a few minutes, dwindled and faded from the Google News Top Stories category around 6:20 PM.