It Will Make You tears! After 82 Long Years, This Mother And Daughter Reunite

Betty Morrell, 82, arrived at Greater Binghamton Airport on Jan. 15, 2016, eager to see her mother. As she waved across the airport, her 96-year-old mother Lena Pierce began to cry. It was the first time Morrell had seen her mother in 82 years.

On February 11, 1933, Pierce gave birth to a baby when she herself was just a little girl. At the young age of 14, Pierce had Eva May. After spending six months caring for Eva, the state of New York took her away, deeming Pierce too young to properly raise her daughter.

Pierce went on to grow up into adulthood, marry and have seven children. However, she never forgot about the baby girl she gave birth to so many years before.

In the video below, watch the incredible moment that took place in the lobby of the Greater Binghamton Airport — 82 years after Pierce was forced to give away her precious baby Eva…

“It was like the beginning of my life,” Morrell said. She had been searching for her biological mother for 50 years.