iPhone 6 Spotted, Apple Skips over iPhone 5S?

Apple's next smartphone will be called iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5S, if the report of Stuff was true.

The most anticipated iPhone had been shown up in a UK network's inventory listings, an anonymous insider told Stuff. Moreover, a photo was even given out, proving that '4G iPhone 6' isn't a concept.

If Apple went straight to iPhone 6, the new one might have a very surprised redesign, rather than some incremental upgrades, according to Apple's naming convention. iPhone 5 was a perfect example for that.

However, everyone knows the new iPhone is coming, the UK network's inventory might just put the iPhone under a placeholder name, regardless of what it's called in fact.

A lot rumors about the new iPhone, no matter iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, are swirling around. Some said the iPhone will have the 4-inch display, which is the same as the iPhone 5's. Nevertheless, other said the new one will have a wrap-around display, measured roughly 4.8 inches. Furthermore, the users can have several different color options this time.

The release time is the most debatable aspect. Some are certain the iPhone 6 will launch this fall, whereas others are pretty sure the release date is in summer.

Only Apple knows the truth.