How Could a Loving God Allow Sandy Hook?

How could a loving God allow the shooting of 26 children and adults at a school in Newtown, CT last week? As the news of this tragedy erupted on the media, so do our questions. Why would God allow this to happen to innocent children?

Christians and skeptics alike are looking for answers. Ken Ham and his family asked the same questions when his brother, Robert, died at the age of 43 from frontal lobe dementia. Why would an almighty God allow a pastor, husband, and father to be taken from this world, from ministry in such a humiliating way.

Ham looked to the Word of God to make sense out of the deepest confusion of the heart. He wrote How Could a Loving God to help others find answers to the most painful issues a person can face. In a gentle and understanding way, Ham guides the broken-hearted to grasp the reality of original sin. With this vital foundation, we can cling to the God whose unsurpassed love made provisions for every person to overcome the effects of sin.

“The enemy induced Eve to question God’s essential goodness, and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

These words by Daniel E. Johnson in When You Ask Why remind us that “we blame Him for accidents, misfortune, tragedies. It is the character of a thief to steal, to kill, and to destroy. It is the nature of God to give, forgive, heal and restore.”

Johnson aptly quotes U.S. Senate Chaplain Richard C. Halverson, “It may be difficult to explain how a God of love could allow the terrible agony, suffering, and tragedy in the world, but it is infinitely more difficult to explain these facts of life and leave God out of the picture.”

Johnson also offers 10 positive steps to regain the joy of living after tragedy and grief.

Laura Welch, editor in chief of New Leaf Publishing Group, says “both of these books will help those in the throes of grief to feel understood and navigate the grief process. The biblical knowledge will assist friends and ministers to effectively counsel those who grieve.”

In hopes of helping our nation process the Connecticut shootings, New Leaf Publishing Group is offering both books in their digital formats at $.99/each.