Hospital Helps Dying Man Marry Long-Time Love

(Photo: Screenshot/CBS Los Angeles Video News)

A 68-year-old cancer patient has had opportunity to fulfill a wish before he dies. A Hospital in Orange has helped him marry his long-time sweetheart Friday.

Dennis Lyman finally married Barbara Monds, whom he has been dating for nearly 30 years. They have been always talking about marriage, but never got around to it, according to reports.

“For one reason and another, we just never did,” said Barbara, according to KTLA5.

However, since Lyman’s health started deteriorating after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, they decided to marry right away.

“I wasn’t quite sure this day would ever really come, but I’m glad it’s here,” said Barbara, according to CBS Los Angeles.

With the help of the staff the wedding happened at the hospital, featuring even a doctor playing a violin and making the time wonderful.