Hopkins Dairy Queen: Another Act of Kindness Goes Viral

(Photo: Screenshot/Kare 11)

After news about an act of kindness in Hopkins Dairy Queen went viral last month, another touching story is now making headlines.

On September 10th, Joey Prusak inspired many when he confronted a woman who stole $20 from a blind customer who dropped it on the floor. He then refused to serve her.

(Photo: Kare 11)
Dr. D's daughters talk with emotion about their father.

This time the act of kindness is from a customer who already passed away but his spirit is still inspiring others until now, Kare 11 News reported.

Dr. Dragotis, who everyone knew as Dr. D, was a doctor in Chaska used to serve patients with cancer. Unfortunately, he died with esophageal cancer last April at age 74. But his serving heart and many of his touching acts of kindness will be forever remembered.

Dr. Dragotis, known by “Papou” (which is Greek for grandfather), was a “Wednesday” customer of Hopkins Dairy Queen. In honor to him, his family is doing a gesture of love in the fast food restaurant on Wednesdays.

Midday Wednesday, his family left around $200 with Dairy Queen Manager Joey Prusak, so that the money could be used for every order until the money ran out.

With signs placed with Dr. D’s story on the counter, other customers continued the same lovely gesture, paying it forward and leaving hundreds of their own dollars in cash.

His family hopes others can continue this act of kindness and wish social media can help spread the story.