Homosexuality Can Be Changed by the Blood of Jesus Christ!

by Shemariah Yeung

Dear all brothers and sisters,

I think it's time for me to share my testimony here.

I used to be one of them too when I was young, I started to fancy girls at aged 17/18, that time I dressed up like a boy, in fact nobody was noticing that I am indeed a girl (what God created me to be). I sinned against God for many times, at least three times if I wanna count it, first two relationships, God convicted me and He himself spoke to me that I should leave the sin behind me and follow him, two times I did what he told me to, but two times I got resentment and my flesh just wanted to go back to the girl, but the holy spirit stopped me from doing what I want to do. And so, for me I experienced the trueness of God's grace and in particular his mercy and I can testify that Our God, his grace and his mercy is just too hard to comprehend, his unconditional love for me and for others.

And for all those years, I can hardly understand When, and How he changed me, but all my family members, they are the eye-witnesses for they knew about my past, my struggles, and they eye witnessed the changes that is in me, I never thought I will have such a beautiful long hair today, God made it, and cuz I was a tom boy, I hate myself to have a long hair, i only fancy the long hair girl, so I never thought that the Alice today will have such a beautiful hair and most peoples said to me that I look absolutely feminine today, well it's all a miracle from our Lord Jesus Christ.

So everything is possible with God and I am not the only witness for God's grace and His power to change, but many peoples like from Exodus ministry and Living water, you will find people just like me, that we are able to come out of homosexuality and be changed by the power of God.

Surely I have come such a long way, God has been molding me so much, and I am changing from glory to glory, little by little.

One thing I am truly thankful for, is that....when the time I was staying in Hong Kong, God sent me to a good church. The pastor at that time was an Australian, and most of them were singing HillSong. And I got so inspired by HillSong Music actually. And God graciously used my talent to sing in church. And about two years ago, God gave me boldness to share my testimony in church. I wasn't condemned by the church but instead I heard that they are all praising God for what they saw in me, they gave glory to God.

And God has sent me a very very good cell group. They knew about my past and up to these days, their love for me never ceased. They never ceased praying for me, as I shared openly with them weeks after weeks. And one of my cell leader is a kiwi. She has been so faithful to God and she has been my great help praying for me, and being my good counsel when the time I needed it. And God has been so faithful to me all those years. He surrounded me with faithful and mature christians, who are still praying for me. Some pray for my future husband to come to me. But you know, only God knows when will be the best time for me to have a husband. So I am on my way, on my way, but I am totally under the grace and love of God.

So just don't give up hope, keep praying for your friends, they will be changed for our God can bring changes to their lives, amen.

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