Homophobia? You Can't Be Serious.

Have you ever been accused of being homophobic? Did you take the charge seriously? Were you bothered by it? You do not have to do either, take is seriously or be troubled by it. Why? Because the charge is nothing more than a insipid attempt to avoid serious discussion about homosexuality and nothing more with mindless babble. Making the charge of homophobia amounts to nothing more than blowing smoke. Allow me to explain.

The term homo is both a Greek and a Latin word. In the Greek it speaks to that which is ‘same, equal, like, similar or common.’ We might say homomorphic to indicate similar forms. In Latin homo refers to ‘any of a genus of hominids that includes modern humans’. The term phobic is, of course, the adjective form of phobia which speaks to an intense fear. Right from the start we perceive a problem.

If taken literally, the charge of homophobia would indicate that someone has an intense fear of similar things generally or mankind specifically. Apart from an agenda driven mutation of terms, adapted for pernicious purposes, which the concept of homophobia most certainly is, it cannot be immediately perceived as referring to opposition to homosexuality. Such a fear would be deemed homosexual-phobia. Like the word 'gay', however, the term homo has been high-jacked and distorted. Gay once meant merry or bright. The Gay 90’s refers to the latter part of the 18th century when life in America was perceived as good and prosperous and people were merry because of it. Gay also refers to something that is bright and showy like a brilliant color. After years of twisting, however, you cannot even use the term gay, or homo, without conjuring thoughts of homosexuality.

What this amounts to is that the term homophobic was concocted by the gay community to serve as a sort of intellectual smokescreen. A literal smokescreen is a release of smoke designed to mask the movement or location of military units in war. In the case of homophobia the smokescreen is a release of twisted verbiage that is intended to avert attention and interest away from the real issue by merely insinuating blind, irrational and hateful fear on the part of the one who speaks against homosexuality. Once such hatred is declared, however ridiculous the phrase or groundless the accusation, people who are seeking a reason to flatly reject a critic have, what they perceive to be, a valid reason for that rejection. It is, of course, quite ridiculous and quite careless, intellectually speaking, to proceed in this manner yet it is, for the weak-minded, sufficient to the cause. Since honestly confronting the issues at hand is not what homosexuals desire, and since they cannot legitimately justify their sins, they simply blow smoke with the accusation of homophobic and hope the opposition will disappear under their phantom anathema.

Sadly, that is what it is. But to accuse anyone of opposing homosexuality because of fear of homosexuals is ludicrous in the extreme. If we take the farce to its logical extreme we see its weakness. What if I oppose pederasts? Am I pederast-phobic? How about serial killers? Am I serial-killer-phobic to be against them and their evil? Of course not. There is not even one other type of sin, on the earth, that the perpetrators of that sin attempt to justify by accusing their detractors of being phobic of their sins.

The plain and simple fact is this; opposing someone, or something, does not automatically imply fear of them no matter how hard people try to make you believe that it does. This abuse of high-jacked, perverted and tortured terms, like homophobia, must be declared for what it is; a farcical smokescreen intended to cloud the minds of the gullible and apathetic masses in order that the real issues may be obscured. Those who believe God, in His word, must never let such a silly ploy pass unchallenged. The truth is this; homosexuals and their promoters have no substantial charge to bring by mouthing a tired, unfounded term like homophobia. In fact they merely display their desperation. They cannot argue reasonably and successfully for their cause so they try to cast a spell by summoning up a demon that does not exist except in their minds. In the final analysis it won't fly.

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