Hero teen gets on bike, tracks down kidnapper and rescues 5-year-old

When Temar Boggs, a 15-year-old teen in Lancaster Township, Penn., learned authorities were searching for an abducted 5-year-old girl on Thursday, he hopped on his bike to look for her.

Boggs, 15, and his friends got on their bikes and joined the search. "I had the gut feeling that I was going to find the little girl," Boggs said.

After checking the nearby woods and a creekbed, the group returned to their apartment building. At that point, there were even more police and TV news crews on the scene.

Boggs kept looking. That is when he spotted a suspicious maroon vehicle. The car, driven by an older white male, turned around before it reached the top of a hill where police were gathered. It then began taking side streets.

Boggs carried the little girl to the police. "I'm just a normal person," he said. "It was a blessing for me to make that happen."

His mother, Tamika Boggs, said she is proud of what her son did. "You just hope you raise your child the right way ..." she said, "he's learning what I tell him, to help others."