H8ing on St. Patrick's Day

Yes, I'm a holiday Grinch.
St. Patrick with a heart full of love for the people went out to evangelize Ireland, a land of pagans and idols and how is he repaid? By honoring the day of the man's death with idoltery and carousing - the very things that he came to turn people from! A day that should bring people back to the church (as per St. Pat's mission) takes people instead to the pub. Pagan symbols he fought against are now used to represent him instead of the very word of God. The world does not love St. Pat and they don't honor him. How many read his quotes or think about his life and his mission on this day? It's just another excuse to party and forget about impending death as every holiday is. But at least St. Nick and St. Pat will have plenty to talk about up in heaven.

"I am a great debtor to God, who has bestowed His grace so largely upon me, that multitudes were born again to God through me. The Irish who worshipped only idols and unclean things have lately become people of the Lord and are called sons of God." - St. Patrick had said. Now instead of the word of God being preached and people turning from their "unclean things" it is the opposite. Spare a thought for ol' St. Pat who deserves more gratitude from us with an Irish heritage than parades of people in skimpy green clothing and tainted fountains of beer. And people wonder when I say that I hate major holidays. Show me one holiday where the saint named or Christ is actually honored in a godly way and maybe I'll change my mind. But for now I'll Grinch-it-up in protest and hope that St. Patrick is actually thought of in passing for what he was - a great missionary - instead of someone represented by the color green, leprachans and the four-leaf-clover.