Godly Seed a Fascinating History of Sex, Contraception and Abortion

Transaction Publishers
Allan Carlson's New Book

Book Review by Rev. Austin Miles

History is a fascinating subject. It is only by consulting history that one would learn that in 1915, the host city for the International Purity Conference was--fasten your seat belts-- San Francisco. So there!

This is one of the many intriguing tidbits found in Allan Carlson's latest book, Godly Seed, released by Transaction Publishers which is more than the history of abortion. It is also a book of the rich history of the church, both catholic and protestant. 

It is time to become better acquainted with Anthony Comstock, and his role as a Christian in affecting America and government lawmakers, winning passages of sweeping Federal measures regarding contraceptive devices. Yes, one man with no political title or credentials able to affect an entire nation for decades.

Comstack would tangle with Margaret Sanger who was determined to see all women be afforded birth control and abortion along with sexual freedom, which she called, 'The New Morality."

Even though Anthony Comstock and Margaret Sanger were totally at opposite ends of the pole and got in each other's way, there seemed to be a healthy resepct if not downright admiration each had for the other.

Godly Seed should be in the library of all, no matter what side of the debate you stand. It is remarkably non partisan, offering all views respectfully, even showing the negative conduct of Christian leaders along with abortion proponents who misuse Scripture verses to make their point. Indeed,this reviewer suspects that readers on both sides will find ammunition to use in
their next debate on this issue.

Allan Carlson, founder and president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion,and Society, is a solid writer and historian as this writer found while reviewing his book, Conjugal America.