God - Perfectly Good and Perfectly Just

God - Perfectly Good and Pertfectly Just

Many lost people want to know how can God be perfectly good and just if He sends people to hell to suffer conscious torment forever.

Sentencing people to hell when they die in their sins is consistent with God being perfectly good and just as well as allowing people who died in Jesus to go to Heaven.

God is the creator of all things and as the Creator He establishes what the rules are. Mankind does not.

God is perfectly good which leads Him to be perfectly just.

just [adj]
1).fair or impartial in action or judgment
2) conforming to high moral standards; honest
3) rightly applied or given; deserved:
5. legally valid; lawful:

A perfectly good God will be impartial, fair in dealing out punishment, establishes laws in keeping with His perfect righteousness, and His Word is kept and can be counted on (He won't lie).

God establishes what truth is not human beings. Humans can count on God to keep His Word, to judge their actions righteously, to be impartial in His judgments, and to pass punishment on them fairly.

God determines what is right and what is wrong. God judges our actions accordingly in an impartial way. His punishments are fair. Those who sin with much knowledge will receive greater punishment than the ones who did not know.

If God says that the soul that sinneth shall surely die then He means what He says. If God says that if you die with unforgiven sin in your life then you will be eternally separated from God in the Lake of Fire to suffer day and night forever then He means what He says. You can count on it.

If a person dies in the Lord Jesus Christ because they have received Jesus as Savior and Lord then they will go to Heaven and will be with Him eternally.The believer can count on it because God is perfectly good and perfectly just.