Father's Day: 7 Ways to Pray for Your Father

1. Lord, thank you for giving me life through my father, and thank you for everything that my father did for me. No matter what memories we had, we know that there is love between us.

2. Lord, please forgive my father's sin and let him become pure in you, so that he will build a closer relationship with you.

3. Lord, please give my father spiritual wisdom, and guide him to be a great leader of our family, so that he will lead us to know you more and more each day.

4. Lord, please guide every decision that my father will make, let everything he will do be for your glory and bring you pleasure.

5. Lord, please fill my father's heart with your love, your mercy, and your faith, so that he can love my mom and us, his children, deeper.

6. Lord, keep my father away from every temptation in our culture, and lead him to have true satisfaction and success in his work, and help him with every relationship he has, through which he will be your witness.

7. Lord, please keep my father in good spiritual and physical health, even though he is growing older. Please give him more strength and confidence in you.