FAQs in Case You Rapture: What to Say and What Not to Say to Jesus

1. How would it feel when I am rupturing?

2. Will I fly to Heaven? Or is there train or chariot? Can I have the itinerary?

3. How can I open the gate of Heaven? Will Peter be there to give me the key?

4. How can I prepare myself to meet Jesus?

5. What's the dress code there? Should I go with white linen?

6. Do I get guest pass for my beloved ones?

7. Can I know what Harold Camping is going to wear?

8. Will Jesus judges me though? Or it will be the trinity?

9. Will there be a banquet or wedding or some sort as the Bible said about Jesus being the groom?

10. What should I do if I don't go to church that often? Will Jesus know about it?