Famous Pastor Breaks Down As He Confesses Wife's Multiple Affairs During Sunday Service

(Photo: The Christian Post via Redemptionichurchod.com)

Ron Carpenter of Redemption World Outreach Center, with reportedly 14,000 congregants, has stunned his congregation this Sunday when he revealed his wife has had multiple affairs. Now, Carpenter’s wife, Hope, is seeking a psychiatric treatment.

Members of RWOC were shocked as they heard the news from his pastor and saw him breaking down just in front of them, while he was disclosing his wife’s long-term betrayal.

"I cannot tell you the horror of having something like plutonium inside of me, a secret in me," Carpenter told his church, according to Charisma News.

He kept his wife’s infidelity a secret for almost a decade and this was simply heavy for him.

"And I have to grab a microphone every Sunday and Wednesday and talk to the world, having lost all my confidence, humiliated, shamed and embarrassed.”

Now, the pastor explained Hope “is under psychiatric evaluation at this moment, and I have been on the phone with therapists until deep in the night last night.”

(Photo: www.rwoc.org)

Carpenter told them his story with Hope, whom he married in 1990. He said he courted her in a pure, holy, sex-free relationship for three and a half years before they married.

However, after 14 years of a happy marriage, things started to change in a bad way, he explained. The megachurch pastor said he did not recognize his wife’s attitude anymore.

“I went home to a person that for the next 10 years I did not marry and I had not known," he said, according to the publication.

Hope stopped coming to church most weekends, according to his account, and Carpenter said he did not know where she was most of those Sundays.

At certain point of their lives, the pastor said he and his wife went through a therapy process when she confessed a five-year inappropriate relationship to him.

“I thought I was going to die. I about lost my mind,” he said.

Carpenter said Hope was even having an affair during all the entire restoration process, and he never knew it.

Pator Ron said that through the treatment he hopes "not reconciliation of this union" but that it could help her save her life.