Eunice Moe Brock: I have a Chinese Heart (Photos)

Guangming Online
Eunice Moe Brock is showing her Chinese green card.

Eunice Moe Brock, a 96-year-old American woman, passed away recently. Thousands and hundreds of Chinese are unwilling to part with this kind foreign lady. Even CCTV, the most influential stated-owned television station in China, reported her touching stories.

Brock, also known as Mu Lin'ai, was born in Hebei. Before her birth, her parents were missionaries, who had already worked in China for more than a decade. The years Brock spent in China gave her deep impressions regarding wars and poverty. When she was 13 years old, she went back to the U.S. with her parents. However, the persistent little girl made up her mind to return to China one day to help the poor and miserable.

After her husband's death in 1999, Brock, who was then 82 years old, sold out all her belongings, including house, car, 40 acres of farmland and so on, then returned to China. She settled down in Liumiao Village, Liaocheng, Shandong Province, where she had lived when she was very young.

Brock devoted her love to the local people, raising money to build a computer room and library for a local primary school, and teaching English there voluntarily. Over 30 old patients who suffered from senile cataract were healed because she offered them financial aid.

Due to her professional background in nursing, she has held the position of honorary president of Liaocheng International Peace Hospital since 2002. The old lady made use all of her resources for the hospital.

According to CCTV, Brock had donated more than $56,000 dollars (or 350,000 yuan) to charities, but herself had lived a simple life.

Because of her contributions to China, she was named one of China's philanthropy ambassadors in 2003, and won the title of one of the "Ten People Who Touched Shandong in 2006". When Brock was 92 years old, she finally got her Chinese permanent resident permit.

After her death on 28th, April, her organs were donate to Chinese patients according to her dying wish.