Esha Khare's invention to recharge your phone in 20 seconds (VIDEO)

A girl who is of Indian descent has invented a super-capacitor that could charge your phone in 20 seconds.

Eesha Khare, an 18-year-old girl, who is from California, has invented a super-capacitor that could fully charge phone in 20 seconds, and she has been awarded $50,000 for her invention.

Eesha Khare was awarded the Young Scientist Award by the Intel Foundation after developing tiny device that fits inside mobile phone batteries, allowing them to charge within 20-30 seconds, according to

NBC News reported that the fast-charging device is a so-called supercapacitor, a gizmo that can pack a lot of energy into a tiny space, charges quickly and holds its charge for a long time.

It can last for 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, compared with 1,000 cycles for conventional rechargeable batteries, according to Eesha Khare of Saratoga, Calif.

"It is also flexible, so it can be used in rollup displays and clothing and fabric," Khare added to NBC News. "It has a lot of different applications and advantages over batteries in that sense."

Unfortunately the gadget has so far only been tested on an LED light, but it has a good chance of working successfully in other devices, like mobile phone, according to

Khare told NBC that she was inspired to create a practical solution after growing frustrated that her mobile phone battery kept dying.

VIDEO: How to recharge your phone in 20 seconds - Eesha Khare