Engaged Citizens at the University of Kentucky: Presidential Debate, Part 2

Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Media Students at the University of Kentucky


Tyler: Drilling for oil in our own country is what I like to hear. #LowerGasPrices #RomneyRyan2012

Dakota: Obama claims coal employment has gone up, but numerous coal mines have been shut down in eastern Kentucky, and 4,500 jobs have been lost. He turned down the Keystone Pipeline which would have brought a lot of jobs for Americans.

Foreign Policy:

Christopher: The major problem with Obama's debate performance was his claim that he declared the Libya attack was an act of terror from the beginning when in fact he did not.

Drew: President Obama said he told the American people from the White House Rose Garden on 9/12 that the Libya attack was terrorism. President Obama lied tonight to the American public.

Responses & Rhetoric:

Quiara: There will be promises made and broken whoever we vote for, expect it, but look at who carries themselves respectfully.

Latrell: I give Romney this, he knows how to draw voters. That's what it takes to win. Obama did the same. Change was it then, now it's bash Obama time.

Zack: when is the comparison between Romney and Bush going to stop? Instead of talking about Bush's mistakes, let's focus on Obama's

Hannah: if we had a female president we would have no wars, just a couple of countries jealous of each other and not talking...

Victoria: Obama, you have done nothing in the past four years that should make someone who voted for you the first time want to do it again.

Travis: Partisanship is so dominant that it is hard to know who to believe. Researching the truth is now critical to understand the topics thoroughly.