Engaged Citizens at the University of Kentucky: Presidential Debate, Part 1

Young Voters at the University of Kentucky

College students make up approximately 24.4% of all eligible youth voters. They are an important segment of the voting population; yet, they are often depicted in the media as uninformed, uninterested, and frequently unregistered. Frustrated with this representation, my Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Media students at the University of Kentucky decided to send a different message. In class and in their free time, they have informed themselves about the candidates and the issues, and last night, during the second presidential debate, they shared their views with the world through tweets and online posts. Here are some of their smart, funny, and thought-provoking responses:


Georgie: Romney can say what he wants, but my mother benefited from the tax break for middle income families #ObamaBiden2x

Jonathan: with no tax on capital gains, Wall Street will be free to repeat its cycle all over again.

Jack: letting Detroit go bankrupt is not necessarily a bad thing..teaches fiscal responsibility & hopefully changes Mich.

Brandon: Obama says we have a moral obligation to the next generation to reduce the deficit #Hope4theFuture

Peyton: Our recession began to surface in 1992. Everyone keeps blaming things on Obama, but Obama is carrying the weight of past problems.

Rachelle: More people out of work today than when Obama got into office. Where will we be if he gets another 4 years? #Romney2012

Kelsey: Obama's doing a great job highlighting achievements. Healthcare, Bin Laden, car industry. Romney's response: "can't afford it."


Courtney: One of the reasons I love Obama: Raised by single mom putting herself through school...family issues are real to him!


Ruth: We are a nation of 300 million plus people; the 12 million illegal immigrants should not have as much importance as the rest of the nation--this coming from an immigrant.