EEW Magazine President, Dianna Hobbs, Strikes Back at 'The Grio' over Article that Disrespects Black Christians

Dianna Hobbs Responds to NBC's's disrespectful article
Christian Leader and President and Editor of EEW Magazine, Dianna Hobbs, Responds to Article on NBC's 'The Grio' that Disrespects Black Christians Who Supported Chick-fil-A and Their Stand Against Homosexual Marriage
Actor and stand-up comedian D.L. Hughley has published a satirical open letter to Chick-fil-A accusing the chicken chain of "speaking with a forked tongue, spewing hate instead of frying love," because its president, Dan Cathy, publicly stood up for traditional marriage. But Christian leader, Dianna Hobbs, President & CEO of Empowering Everyday Women (EEW) Online Magazine, says she is disturbed by the mainstream media's attempts to paint Cathy as hateful when he did nothing more than exercise his American right to stand by his Christian convictions.
To get her point across, Hobbs has written a response article to posted, after the African American-focused website published what the Christian CEO views as a "disrespectful" piece titled, "Blacks supporting Chick-Fil-A: Is eating chicken as an expression of religious faith taking things too far?"
Kirsten West-Savali, the author of the piece, blasts Dan Cathy as one who "has no problem employing and serving the LGBT community, as long as he can take their dollars to financially support conservative politicians who view them as second-class citizens."
Hobbs views the characterizations as unfair and asks, "How can his choice to serve members of the gay community and hire them, even though he does not agree with their lifestyle choice, be viewed with such contempt?"
She then adds, "If Dan Cathy can be vilified and his business hurt because he owned his faith in a public forum, what does that mean for other Christians?"
Named one of the "70 Most Influential Black Christian History-makers" by Black Christian News Network, which has featured her article on the home page of its website, Hobbs says she and others like her, support Dan Cathy and endorse Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day "not only in support of traditional marriage, but also in defense of our freedom to express our biblically-based beliefs without fear of punishment or retribution."
Hobbs goes as far as calling the attempts of government officials to ban Chick-fil-A from their cities and censor voices espousing conservative Christian values like traditional marriage "un-American," saying, "This is America. We have the freedom to support and protest whatever we choose and however we choose to do so, as long as we do it peacefully and non-violently.
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