Duck Dynasty Al and Lisa Robertson Open Up on Own Abortion, Infidelity, Views on Homosexuality

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Duck Dynasty Al and Lisa Robertson opened up about their own stories of abortion and infidelity and discussed their views on homosexuality in a new interview.

As part of promotion for their new book "A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption", Duck family's "beardless" Al and his wife Lisa appeared on HuffPost Live and shared candid stories of abortion, infidelity,

Asked the question of whether she thinks every woman should have the choice of abortion, Lisa answered, "This (abortion) is something, at that time, it was the answer I sought. As I sit here today, that's not the answer I would have chosen had I known better, had I been mature in my thinking."

"Now I am a Christian. I feel like it is not right anyway. I don't feel like I should have had that choie to take that life. God is the only person that has the choice to take a life or to bring into the world a life, and so I don't believe that actually I should have had that choice" Lisa added.

"Having an abortion is not one that you cannot come back from. But it is one you will live with for the rest of your life."

While Lisa firmly expressed her stance on abortion, she also admitted that it is each woman's choice. "I don't think we should do that. Now, I'm not going to put my belief on you. If that's the way you feel, that's your choice," Lisa said.

When host Nancy Redd asked Lisa, "Would you consider yourself pro-choice?" she answered without hesitation, "Yes I would."

As for Alan Robertson, he was just as candid on his stance on abortion, that "I wish there weren't abortion in the world." Lisa added, "And I would never make the same choice again."

Lisa emphasized that the purpose of all the honest stories in their book is to "set an example to where they don't go down to the same road we went down, and they don't have the same struggles that we had, and the same memories. And the same... shame. It is shameful, the things in this book that I did are shameful."

The host also pressed Al and Lisa on their approach to homosexuality, and how they would treat their grandchildren if they come out.

Watch the entire interview with Al and Lisa Robertson below:

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