Dog Saves Puppy in Rainstorm: Hero Dog Photo Goes Viral

A photo shows that a dog takes a puppy in its mouth running on a muddy mountain road goes viral and touched many people's lives during last weekend on Chinese Sina Microblog.

In the picture, there is a truck behind the two dogs, with the road full of muddy water. Being taken by the bigger black dog, the white puppy is still looking down at the muddy puddle in front of them. "A scene in the torrential rain of Yan'an," the textual description said.

In less than four days, nearly 20,000 people forward this photo. Many people commended on it with a red heart which means love. And even someone said it "moved the whole China".

According to local meteorological department, 27 people died during the torrential rain in Yan'an, and 50,000 were transferred to other safe places.

A collection of photos of a similar story which shows LOVE without Words below is going viral as well on the internet.