Do American Christians Have Idols? -- Mark Driscoll

(Photo: Youtube/Mars Hill Church)

In his last sermon, the well-known pastor Mark Driscoll talked about worship and idolatry, raising the attention to whether or not Christian have idols or they worship God only and in the right way.

The pastor points that in the Ten Commandments that the first commandment is about who God is. “And there is only one God,” he says. “And the second commandment is about worshipping God rightly.”

According to Driscoll, "worship" is not “exclusively something that applies to Sundays, to Christian meetings, to Christian singings (…)."

"It is not just Christian activity it is human activity. All people who are living are always worshipping.”

According to him, whoever or whatever is that Christians give their lives in devotion, sacrifice, commitment and longing to is “functionally" their "gods".

“You can say that Jesus is your God but you live in such a way that someone or something else is the object of your worship.”

The opposite of Christianity is not atheism but idolatry, he says. And he listed several “American Idols” that Christians may be possibly having and you can check out five of them here:

1. College Football Game

(Photo: YouTube/ Mars Hill Church)

2. Shopping Center Mall

(Photo: YouTube/ Mars Hill Church)

3. Presidential Candidates

(Photo: YouTube/ Mars Hill Church)

4. Yoga

(Photo: YouTube/ Mars Hill Church)

5. American Idol

(Photo: YouTube/ Mars Hill Church)

Mark Driscoll clarifies that he is not against the people, things or activities that he listed. However, he wants to point out what those things are actually representing to people and how they can be worshipping created things.