Dangers of Processed foods

There is one main reason for people getting fat and sick in the world and that is eating processed food. Resisting the urge of a soda pop or a packet of chips can be difficult especially if you are accustomed to this highly addictive food as a part of your daily diet. We need to understand how these processed foods affect our body and mind, and once we start noticing, it will make easier for us to make healthy food choices. Here are some of the reasons you should quit processed food for good.
Ruin Digestion:
As the name suggest these foods are processed. Ingredients are refined and most of the natural fibers, enzymes, vitamins and many other nutrients are lost. The way these foods are processed, it becomes easier for us to chew and swallow them. We can eat more amount of processed food in short period of time (more calorie intake). It also requires less energy to digest them which means less calories burned. According to a survey, twice the number of calories is burned while digesting unprocessed food. Persistent consumption of processed foods can off-balance your internal ecosystem, destroying essential bacteria and exposing your body to infections.
Highly Addictive:
One of the major reasons behind the success of food industries is that the food they produce is highly addictive. The way in which our body processes whole food is completely different than processed, refined, or modified junk food. Processed food tends to over-stimulate the production of dopamine a chemical which acts as a neurotransmitter which makes you crave for them constantly. The end result is that you yield to this temptation and eat junk food in excess making you prone to obesity and other health hazards.
Contains Phosphates:
Mostly all food industries use phosphate to enhance taste, texture and life of the food. What they don’t realize is phosphate is main cause of many health effects such as rapid aging, weak bones, and kidney problems. Phosphorus is already in abundance in naturally occurring food. By adding more phosphorus to our food supply, we may be exceeding our body’s regulatory ability especially for those with kidney disease.
Causes Chronic Inflammation:
Most of the common ingredients found in processed foods are largely responsible for causing inflammation. These ingredients are refined sugars, processed flours, vegetable oils, and many other nasty ingredients. The main reason of chronic disease today is inflammation. So the next time whenever you feel like eating a candy bar or a cheese box, think twice because they can lead to heart disease, dementia, respiratory diseases, and lot of neurological problems which are all linked to the chronic inflammation caused due to processed foods.
Destroys Your Mind:
Your diet is directly related to your brain. If you suffer from constant bouts of brain “fog” or not able to concentrate properly or think normally, your diet might have something to do with it. According to a recent study from Oxford University, people who have a high consumption rate of junk food are more like get angry and irritated than a normal person.
Processed Foods are not Actually Foods:
If you want to assess nutritional value of food just admire how animals, insects, bacteria respond to it. Real food kept for a longer period of time will rot, grow mold while on the other hand processed food will remain as it is. Their shape, size or appearance will not change irrespective of their age. Food industries have accepted that they perform heavy tapering on food and modifications to make it taste real even though it’s not.
Loaded with GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms):
Food manufactures are largely dependent on GMOs to process their food. They form a basic building block in processed food. These GMOs are developed in laboratories and not through nature. According to studies, genetically modified organisms are linked to allergies, infertility, rapid aging, and even death in many cases.
Now the question arises on how to recognize a GM food. When you go to a market, examine the produce sticker on fruits and vegetables you buy. You will see a PLU code. Conventionally grown food consists of four numbers; organically grown fruit has five numbers prefaced by the no nine; GM fruit has five numbers prefaced by number eight. Avoid all processed food products and buy only fresh and locally grown organic foods.
High in Sugar and Fructose Corn Syrup:
It has been stated in bold letters that sugar when consumed in excess can be dangerous to your health. Processed foods are frequently laden with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Sugar lacks in essential nutrients, but it’s loaded with large amount of energy. Even though sugar is known as “empty” calories, studies have revealed that it can have a devastating effect on your metabolism. It can increase the level of harmful cholesterol, increase fat accumulation in live and lower abdominal cavity. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer are closely associated with high consumption of sugar.
Excess in Artificial Ingredients:
Have you ever checked the label on the processed or packaged food you purchased? Are you familiar with the ingredients mentioned? Chances are that you might not even have a clue about most of the ingredients mentioned. That’s because they are not actually food. They are chemicals that are added for various purposes.
Highly processed foods most often contain preservatives that prevent food from rotting, colorants to give specific color, and artificial flavor for a specific food flavor and texturants for a specific texture. Remember processed foods can contain dozens of added chemicals that are not even mentioned on the label. I will give you an example. You might have seen something mentioned as “artificial flavor” in the ingredient list. But the manufacturing company will never mentioned which chemicals were used to make this flavor that’s because they might use five or ten or even more combination of chemicals to achieve that flavor. Yes they do test these chemicals for safety before using them.
Loaded with Pesticides :
Yes you rightly read that. Most of the processed foods in the market today are loaded with pesticides. This is because most of the conventional farmers make use of Roundup (glyphosate) and other herbicides and pesticides in order to effectively grow GMOs used in processed foods. Many of these pesticides end up in the final product. According to data compiled by Rodale, 70 different types of pesticides were found alone in breakfast cereals, which include warehouse fumigation chemicals and other residues.
It’s your decision now; if you want to continue eating processed food and spoil your health, or go for real food which is high in nutritional value and lead a healthy life.