Couple Donate The Money They Would've Spent On Their Wedding To Help People 'Go After Their Dreams'

Last May, the couple started looking at venues around the Atlanta area for what was going to be their traditional Indian wedding, which could last for three to four days. But they quickly came to a realization.

"We began tallying up expenses and started to think it wasn't worth putting that much money toward something that would only last a few days," Shehzaan Chunara told "We wanted to use the money for something that will have a lasting impact."


On their wedding website, they wrote, “Sharing our blessing on our blessed day. We, Shehzaan and Zainab, strongly encourage our guests to replace any gift giving with a donation to AKF in celebration of our wedding.”

Aga Khan Foundation, an organization whose mission is to eradicate poverty through investing in “education, infrastructure and self-sustaining communities around the world.

Shehzaan and Zainab posted this heartfelt and informative video, conveying why they decided to ditch their big wedding for a greater cause. While trying to open others’ eyes to the poverty epidemic and the privileges we take for granted each day, they also openly confess, “We’re guilty of it ourselves.”