Can I live In The Mist Of Pain & Sorrow?

I remember some years ago, my attention was caught by a book titled "If Life Was All Joy, Why Am I Sad?". I bought the book and read it over time. It, however, changed my perception of life and the great expectation in it.

This message is to tell you that in the mist of pain and sorrow – God is alive in it. We have to give him the chance to ease our pains and wipe away our sorrow! Jesus Christ, the son of God in human flesh like you and I, bore pain of a dimension you can never bear and sorrow that almost took away the plan of Almighty God for man kind. For your sake, he told the Father," Let your will be done and not my will." (Isaiah 53:1-8, Luke 22:42). What is that pain that you have been carrying around, that has put you in doubt of God's love for you? Is it the pain of poverty, sickness, failure, insincerity from love ones, family curse, bareness, Frustration, death, separation -the list is endless! Whatever the problem is, Jesus Christ is up to the task, commit it to him now and see the power of God in action. Seek the light of the world, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ today. Pain is a spirit that if not properly handled can lead to untold crisis in your life – it can cause death, mental breakdown, financial bankruptcy, stroke and even imprisonment. You can live and manage pain by simply bringing it to the feet of the one who has lived it and triumph over it; Jesus Christ.

For that reason, he said, " come to me all you that are heavy ladden and I will give you rest". Stop carrying that pain alone, tell it to Jesus and ask him to help you carry it. So that you can have rest and begin to live again. I see him carrying away your pain and replacing it with his joy – not as men do. Receive the joy of Jesus Christ now. Amen. Here are some agents of pain and sorrow that needs to be dealt with by the power of the Holy Ghost and the blood of Jesus;

The Pain of Poverty: Poverty is an affliction that deny's you the promise of God and the abundance of his grace in your life. It is a demonic spirit that keeps you in perpetual bondage to Satan. It frustrates you, it dries up the good seeds that should germinate and produce good fruits. A family whose children lack further education often find it hard to break through poverty. Jesus Christ had to become poor because of you, he gave up everything just for you. Say to yourself "I am rich, I am not poor." II Corinth 8:9

Sickness: Always pray against this demon called sickness for yourself, family, friends and even your enemies. Are you surprised that I included your enemies -yes, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in Matt 5:44 admonished us to pray for our enemies.

The devil uses the affliction of sickness to try and break the Christian's faith in God's word and his awesome power. Job is a typical example of a man that was under trial for trusting and believing in Almighty God. ( Job1:9) Satan told God, does Job fear you for nothing? It is because you have made a hedge around him and his family! Take that away he will curse you. Often sicknesses are meant to try our faith in God. People are often jerked into life to know that God exist, when they're sick. Job was afflicted with boils all over his body, he lost his family, his business and everything he'd ever worked for. But he believed in the awesome power of God to heal him and restore all. Jesus Christ, has given you power over the demon of sickness, use it now. (John 10:10)

Death: Jesus defeated death on the Cross of Calvary, so you also have defeated death. For he died for all, so that all who are in Christ Jesus need not fear death. A Christian does not die, but sleep awaiting the resurrection. If death come knocking, do not fear. Tell him the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords has defeated him – so you're not afraid, because you know where you're going. Praise the Lord. Alleluia.

Frustration: The Bible says Satan came to steal, to kill and to destroy. One of the weapons he uses is the demon of frustration. Fervent prayers and a prayer-led life is the only weapon against this demon. They create obstacles in almost every facet of the Christian life. Their ultimate aim is to weaken you and your faith, so that they can come in for the kill. For you to stay afloat, meditate daily on some key scriptures that will in turn frustrate these demons. Rom 8:37,Hebrews 13: 8, Jeremiah 29;11 and Psalm 23:1-6