California Pastor: Should Christians Attend a Gay Wedding? If Invited

Pastor Matt Brown, of Sandals Church in Riverside, California, recently preached to his congregation about whether they should attend a gay marriage ceremony , if invited.

"Now, I will say this, I will be the best neighbor ever to a homosexual couple, welcome them, greet them, coach their kids, I'll be the best ever," said Pastor Brown, according to a short 3.28 minutes preaching video on YouTube.

"But I cannot violate my conscience and go and celebrate something that I believe is sin.... Let me tell you what I really can't do," Brown told the congregation, reported. "I cannot go and listen to a minister say there is nothing wrong with what's happening."

"I really don't have much of an issue with the gay couple, but I do go Old Testament on the pastor that is saying, 'this is great.' And that would be unfortunate for us as a church for me to punch a pastor in the middle of a sermon and I'm in jail and you have to explain to people why Pastor Matt is in jail," he added.

Pastor Brown then told his audience to be the "best neighbor you can possibly be" to gay people.

The church has "privated" the vid on YouTube. made a backup.