Border Patrol Officers Stripped of Right to Self-Defense

By: Charles Benninghoff

Dangerous and violent illegal aliens have been attacking US Border Patrol agents ever since Obama had the Department of Homeland Security order US Border Patrol agents to run and hide if an illegal alien or drug cartel member throws a rock at them while on duty.

Border Patrol agents are ending up in the hospital, maimed or with concussions, while illegal aliens march into America in ever-greater numbers.

They can just waltz into any US neighborhood now that Border Patrol is no longer allowed to fight back. Read more about how Obama’s order to Border Patrol Agents not to fight back is a threat to America here.

These attacks are successful because of several lawsuits from the communist-driven ACLU organization, which has argued in court that Border Patrol Agents should not be allowed to defend themselves if illegal aliens attack them because sometimes they have had to use deadly force.

Obama uses the threat of those lawsuits to excuse his actions and now innocent BP agents trying to protect America are all paying the price for it. Being able to defend yourself from an attacker is a basic human right enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Timid illegal aliens are being turned back by the Border Patrol, but the drug cartels and the illegals who are dangerous enough to attack an armed federal officer are being allowed in.

How do you like that, all of you reading this who voted for Obama?

The Department of Homeland Security has pretty much ordered the Border Patrol to stand down if an illegal alien attacks them.

The communist agitators at the ACLU and Obama’s White House do not believe that Border Patrol Agents should be allowed to defend themselves when they are attacked. Which is the same argument that they make when they try to take away law abiding US citizens guns. Find out how you can help stop Obama’s insane policy that puts the lives of America’s Border Patrol agents at risk here.

America’s brave Border Patrol Agents are ending up in the hospital while the most violent illegal aliens are allowed to invade this nation, its schools, American’s wallets and US ballot boxes.

Congress needs to use its oversight powers to force Obama's Department of Homeland Security to roll back these policies and let the Border Patrol do its job.

Every human being is created in the image of God, as it states in Genesis 1:27. No one, not Obama and certainly not the communist-driven ACLU organization has the right to take away that life from Americans or from a Border Patrol Agent.

Border Patrol Agents are federal employees. If Obama lets illegal aliens do this to his own agents, imagine what he will allow illegal aliens to do to American citizens and their families.

If Americans do not stop this insane policy of Obama's, the drug cartels will take over entire swaths of this country.

American citizen’s children and grandchildren will wake up in a war-torn country exactly like Mexico one day if we do not put a stop to this.

 If you are against Obama's war against the Border Patrol and the American citizenry, you can help by convincing Congress to put a stop to this senseless policy here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so that they can help too.