Before she Died, this Mother did Something Unspeakable – See What she did - Priceless!!!

John, Lorri and their two children were a wonderful family.

Lorri was in very good physical health. She didn't drink or smoke. And then she discovered she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and it was inoperable.

She believed in God but religion was not a daily part of her life, her husband John says in a video posted on YouTube. She then decided to go visit a church and that was a turning point in her life.

"I remember when Lorri came home, after going to the first service. She had a big smile on her face," John says.

"She fell in love with God (...) And she wanted to dedicate her life to Him (...). And she decided to be baptized."

He saw a big change in her after that. "A lot of fear and anxiety left. It was gone."

Some time later Lorri passed away. We are convinced that she is in Heaven with Christ.