God cures cancer, regularly. I know this because I read about it in C.P. and many other places. Stage 4 cancer victims are prayed for and then suddenly their tumours disappear. It's a miracle! Or is it? I would love to believe that the creator of the universe listens to my prayers and cures people of their horrible diseases. But to me, more important than that belief, is knowing whether or not it is true! Isn't one of the definitions of being an adult, that you prefer hearing an unpleasant truth rather than a pleasant lie?

So how do we discover whether or not God really does answer prayers made on behalf of sick people? If we assume that God does not discriminate against any particular ailment/illness then all we have to do is eliminate all cases where the "miracle" recovery could have been coincidence. If we do this then all we are left with are amputees. In all of recorded time, how many millions, maybe billions, of prayers have been made on behalf of these unfortunate people? Even if God deemed only a minuscule percentage of these people worthy of being cured, surely there would be at least a few people walking around now on legs that were grown as a result of God's grace. But where is the evidence of this happening - ever? If it had, wouldn't it be trumpeted by every member of the former amputee's religion as evidence of the existence of their God and the veracity of their religion? The fact that we don't hear that trumpeting is more than enough evidence for me: God never cures amputees because either God doesn't exist, or if he does, he never answers any prayer. Sorry if this is a disappointment to read but if you are an adult I refuse to insult you with a pleasant lie.