American Troops to be Tried by U.N.

By: Charles Benninghoff

Since 2009, Obama has been working to push America into the International Criminal Court (ICC), so that American soldiers can be arrested by thugs from the U.N., given an unfair trial in front of a kangaroo court and sentenced to death with no chance of appeal.

Obama's traitorous Secretary of State John Kerry (and Hitlery before him), Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and UN Ambassador Susan Rice have all been cozying up to the ICC to advance this plot against America. This puts American soldiers and you at risk. Read more about how soldiers’ are put at risk by being tried by the United Nations here.

Just as Obama forced homosexual "marriage" on the military before pushing it onto the rest of America, he also wants to use U.N. courts to try American soldiers and eventually American citizens under international law.

Imagine being yanked out of your home, arrested and hauled off to Rome to face charges. Do you think you would get a fair trial? Of course, you would not. That is what Obama will subject American soldiers to if he succeeds in pushing us into the ICC.

Our troops could be arrested, prosecuted and hanged by the very dictators they are fighting against overseas. Now, if an American soldier commits a war crime, he should face justice for that; however, that does not mean that the United States should hand over an accused soldier to face an unfair trial in front of a UN court.

Part of the reason why Obama picked John Kerry as Secretary of State, even though he is no friend of the US military, was because Kerry has been lobbying to get America into the ICC since the 1990s. Find out how you can help keep US soldiers out of the International Criminal Court here.

Obama's Israel-hating Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel used to lead an organization called the Ploughshares Fund. According to World Net Daily, this is a George Soros-funded group that advocates for one-world government and actively lobbies to push America into the ICC. Susan Rice, Obama's UN Ambassador who claimed that Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video, has also been working with the ICC.

Obama & Hagel are more than happy to have the U.N. try American Soldiers.

The Bush administration pulled out of talks with this court in 2002 because they saw the danger it posed to American troops, but Obama has stacked his Cabinet with ICC-friendly, America-hating Marxists.

This plan to enter the ICC violates God's principle of one law for all people within a nation: "One law shall be for the native-born and for the stranger who dwells among you."

America cannot allow Americans to be subject to the whims of UN dictators who will use international law to try us in courts overseas. Our soldiers deserve fair trials under American Law.

 You can help convince the Senate to reject entry into the ICC here. Please also share this link with your family members, friends and acquaintances so that they can help too.