Ambush Attack on American Workers

By: Charles Benninghoff

House Democrats and a few Republicans-In-Name-Only RINOs) have launched an amnesty sneak attack on all American Workers.

Just yesterday on March 26, 2014, Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) filed a Discharge Petition on HR 15, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

HR 15 is an amnesty bill that is almost a word-for-word copy of the "Gang of Eight" bill that passed in the Senate.

This HR 15 Discharge Petition already has 200 signatures, including three Republican signatures. Only 218 signatures are required so Democrats only need to convince 18 House Republicans to sign the Discharge Petition and then HR 15 will pass in the House.

It is absolutely not understandable why anyone associated with the GOP would vote for amnesty and, thereby, risk putting even more Americans out of work; but it appears that Big Business has bought off the right and mega-labor-unions have bought off the left. This is a disastrous one-two punch against the guts of America - our hardworking citizens.

Under the Hastert Rule in the House, a bill can only proceed to the House floor for a vote if a majority of the majority party supports the bill. However, if a majority of Representatives sign a so-called Discharge Petition -- in this case, every Democrat and a handful of Republicans -- that bill is "discharged” from its Committee assignment.

If Democrats can gather enough Republican signatures today or tomorrow, the amnesty bill will pass. This brings Americans dangerously close to losing their country.

Organizations like Pray For US have been warning Americans for months now to stay awake on this issue of amnesty for illegal aliens. They have been actively working to stop amnesty and have assembled a list of 20 Republicans who are most likely to sign this amnesty Discharge Petition. Find out which Republicans these are and how you can urge them not to sign this petition here.

House Speaker John Boehner, who openly supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, has stated that amnesty has "no chance" of passing the House this year. He has been lying and saying this to lull all pro-American opposition groups to sleep.

While amnesty opposition groups have been sleeping, pro-amnesty supporters have been biding their time, gathering signatures and promises, and waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Those who oppose amnesty must be swift and total. They must swamp House Republicans immediately with faxes and phone calls or could wake up tomorrow morning to find that America is no longer our country.

If Americans do not rise up now and tell House Republicans not to sign this amnesty Discharge Petition, this fight is over. All of the work that pro-American patriots and Christians have put in will have been for naught.

If Americans "love your neighbor as yourself," as Jesus commands in Matthew 22:39, they must take action on this today.

Amnesty for illegal aliens who have broken American laws is not "loving your neighbor." It is an act of hatred against the American Republic.

American’s jobs, homes, fortunes and very way of life are at stake in this fight. They must not give in and allow the politicians to give America away.

The media is not reporting on this Discharge Petition because they do not want Americans to rise up against it.

 If you are against amnesty, you can help save America for Americans by urging Republicans not to sign this petition here. Please also warn others about this vital effort to save America by sending them this link.