Aliens/Extraterrestrials are Really Demon Spirits?

Are there really extraterrestrial and UFOs visiting planet Earth or are they really demon spirits masquerading as extraterrestrials? Are extraterrestrials and UFOs real? Let's examine these questions in detail.

A poll taken by Fox News of Americans show that 39% of men, and 30% of women say they accept the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) (source). Fifteen years ago a survey was performed by CNN to mark 50 years of an alleged UFO sighting in Roswell, NM. The results of that poll are as follows:
1. 80% of Americans thought the government hid knowledge of extraterrestrials
2. 54% believed intelligent life was outside the Earth
3. 44% said if they met an extraterrestrials they would be friends (26% believe they would be enemies)
4. 39% expected aliens not to look humanoid (source).

In Canada, 3 million people have said they have seen UFOs. One in five people in the world believe aliens walk among us (source).

There is even a UFO Religion. Some of the most notable religious groups including Heaven's Gate, Raelism, Nation of Islam, and the Church of Scientology, have a belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials.

The percentage of people and religioius groups that believe in aliens and extraterrestrials cannot be ignored. One cannot say that UFOs and aliens are just fantasies. There is enough evidence to validate that something is going on. Could it actually be UFOs and Gray Aliens? Certainly not! Something more sinister is at work.

Sir John Dee Enochian Demons Look like Alien

Sir John Dee Astrologer

Occultist Conjurer Conjuring a Demon Spirit (Alien looking spirit)

Sir John Dee was an English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth 1. Dee devoted much of his life to the occult arts. Along with his partner Edward Kelley, Dee wrote about ceremonial magic based on evoking and commanding various spirits. This is where Enochian Magic actually originated. Aleister Crowley also followed the practice of Enochian Magic (source/source).

Dee conjured up spirits including angels, demons and aliens. As seen in the picture above, magicians makes magical circles to protect themselves from being harmed from these spirits that carry out their will and request (source). These spirits make the occultist believe that they are in control. However these demonic beings are manipulating the occultist do their will. This is called deception. Some of the summoned demonic spirits have the likeness of gray aliens. People nowadays give a description of these demons when they make contact with them. Sir Dee did not make contact with extraterrestrials across the galaxy. They were in fact satanic forces that wished to deceive and destroy mankind.

Aleister Crowley ET Friend Lam

Pic of Aleister Crowley's Lam

In 1918 while conducting a sex magic ritual called Almalantrah with Roddie Minor, Aleister Crowley came in contact with the entity Lam. This initial contact has lead to numerous other contacts with UFOs and extraterrestrials. Crowley believed Lam to be a soul of a dead Tibetan lama. He drew a portrait of Lam and stated that when gazing at the portrait he was able to make contact with him (here).

Lam is definitely not a cute little alien portrayed in the hit movie ET. Lam is a demonic spirit masquerading as an extraterrestrial being from outer space. Crowley's portrait of Lam has remarkable resemblance to the gray alien lifeforms. Please see the pictures below to see the uncanny resemblance. Lam is on the left hand side and picture of a gray alien on the right.

The Truth About UFOs