After She Lost Her Daughter,What The Mom Did Knocked Criminal To His Knees

Behind Matthew West’s song “Forgiveness”,there is a touching story few konw.In 2002, Renee Napier lost her daughter Meagan in an instant after she was struck by a drunk driver.But when she chosen forgiveness,the tragedy turned into triumph. Watch the following story and if it touched you,don't forget share it with your friends on facebook.

Renee also shared these powerful words on Matthew West’s website:

“I never understood why God would ask Abraham to sacrifice Issac, the son he waited so long to have. I also always hoped He would never require such a sacrifice of me. Once my first child, a son, was born I really couldn’t understand how Abraham just did what God told him to do. The love a parent has for a child is like no other. God also blessed me with 3 daughters, the last two being identical twins. I love my children with all my heart and could never imagine living without one of them.

I now have a mission I did not choose: DUI presentations.

May 11, 2002, 24-year-old drunk driver, Eric, killed one of my twins, Meagan, and one of her friends, Lisa, both girls 20 years old. This was devastating for all three families involved, and countless friends that mourned the loss of these precious girls. But this is also a story of forgiveness and healing. My family and Lisa’s family chose to forgive Eric. We even appealed to have his 22 year prison sentence reduced to 11 years.

Since March 29, 2004 I have traveled all over the country telling this story to thousands of people, mostly teenagers. I always talk about forgiveness because we have learned how powerful it is for everyone. Eric told me he has his eternal salvation because of Meagan and Lisa. I show him via video in my presentations and will soon have him as an inmate, standing with me, a living, breathing example of the dangers of drunk driving, but also of the power of forgiveness.”