A War by any other Name!

I don't believe the central issue here is whether this is called a "war", a "very significant … major counter terrorism operation," "workplace violence" (a.k.a. the slaughter at Fort Hood), an "overseas contingency operation" (a.k.a. the war in Afghanistan) or Ring around the Rosie. The issue is and has been a complete lack of consistency, professionalism and cohesiveness throughout this administration, from the top down, for almost 6 years now. This continues to look like amateur hour in Washington and it continues to contribute to the appearance that our "leadership" is weak, non-committal, out of touch and disjointed and that consequently, so is our whole nation.

And the pathetic "leaders" of Congress are no better. They just came back from five-weeks of vacation. Two Americans had their throats slit and displayed for all the world to see and Congress stayed on vacation. The President has asked for the funding to engage ISIS and they say they may vote on it next week. NEXT WEEK?! They should have voted on it the next DAY and if they couldn't get it done, they should have worked through the weekend instead of sniping, posturing and worrying about working one more week before they are off again campaigning! Nothing short of disgraceful.

And sadly, this administration seems much more concerned with the "optics" and "verbiage than they are with the reality and gravity of the situation the rest of us are facing here back on planet earth. When the parents of Jim Foley, out of sheer desperation to save their son, wanted to raise money to buy his life, the administration resorted to bureaucratic claptrap and threats. How "brave" they were when facing that enemy. And our illustrious Secretary of State claimed he knew nothing about it at all. I guess that's the line both of our recent occupants of that office rehearse to say. That and , "What difference does it make". Amateurs at best!

The President gave a speech (more words) several days ago. Are the bombs dropping in any greater number on ISIS? Have we supplied the necessary weapons directly to the Peshmerga in Kurdistan? Have we "gone on the offensive" and really begun to "degrade and destroy" ANY terrorists? Have any members of his grand coalition really committed to anything? Not that I or anyone else can see. We appear to be spending our time screwing around with the wording of what he "meant" or what we should call this.

Again, with my almost reflexive response now to what I feel more and more is the most incompetent administration in my lifetime, it appears that they think the most powerful weapon in their arsenal is not rockets or JDAMs or tanks........its a dictionary.......and the men who slaughter the innocent instead of cowering in fear are laughing at them......and sadly, at us!