A Nun's presence made the 84th Academy Awards Show a Class Act

By Rev. Austin Miles

This year we were spared the intrusive political agenda speeches along with the usual volley of vulgar words and lack of decorum.

The good behavior might have been a calming side effect of the presence of a devoted Nun, Rev. Mother Dolores Hart, who was a nominee for her Documentary, "God is Bigger Than Elvis." That black Habit on that Red Carpet had a stunning effect.

Mother Hart had been a film actress in younger days. She starred in nine more movies for six years, then realized that her call to be a Catholic Nun in God's Service trumped her love for films and the world itself. She wanted to give herself totally to God's work.

Mother Hart is not the first religious person to walk the red carpet. Bishop Fulton Sheen's TV program, "Life is Worth Living," in the 1950's became so popular that he was nominated for an award for Best TV Program and won it. In his acceptance speech he began: "First I would like to thank my writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John."

Her presence on the red carpet was certainly visible.

The 84th Academy of Awards show maintained restraint and dignity even though a couple of people tried to lower that standard by attempting to bring in vulgarity and were cut.

Even with the ample display of Angelina Jolie's right leg and Jennifer Lopez's left nipple, the 84th Academy Awards Show almost became what it was meant to be, a celebration of artistry and entertainment. That is precisely why The Artist won Best Picture Category.

The program was one of the higher level shows of recent years. Billy Crystal did an excellent job as master of ceremonies. He looked very comfortable in that role and kept the show moving.