A Note for a New Beginning

KGW Staff Reporter Art Edwards

It all started with a customer complimenting her necklace. As a waitress, Rosie Salice worked hard faithfully serving customers at the Mint Tea Bistro in Vancouver, Washington.

In her free time, Salice crafted jewelry—intricate and beautiful necklaces. Last Sunday she was wearing one of her exquisite pieces when a customer inquired about it and suggested she should start a business.

The humble waitress explained she didn’t have enough money to get the business started yet. As the customer left, she handed her a check for $700.00 and a note that said “I believe in you.” Salice gave her hug and started crying. She said, “It was so special, I’ve never felt so connected to a stranger.”

Now Salice will be making a business plan and hoping to start making jewelry professionally. As far as the special note Salice says, “She really touched my heart, I’m going to carry this forever.”