A Letter to The A&E Network Being Spread on Facebook

"My husband write this letter to A&E. Feel free to share and send it to A&E or anyone else you feel should read it," Sherri MsPink Stevenson wrote on Facebook.

I, like so many others, am grieved beyond words at your decision to remove Phil Robertson from the show. In catering to the pressures of a small minority of the population and the potential financial risks associated with offending them, you have alienated the vast majority of the population that professes a belief in Jesus Christ and the sanctity of His words recorded in the Bible.

The Duck Dynasty show has been a staple in our home and is one of the few shows on TV that I am willing to watch with my family. I enjoy the humour but it is the uncompromising proclamation of their faith and enjoyment of God's creation and blessings that sets this show apart from others and makes it the popular show that it is. Those, like myself and my family, that watch the show and purchase the apparel do so out of a support for their beliefs and a desire to be identified with them.

In your haste to cater to the demands of the vocal special interest groups that take offence to Phil's Bible based comments and His understanding of the scriptures, you have failed to understand your audience that has driven the success of this show and the merchandising that has come from it. Not only is this cowardly on your part but it is a very poor business decision. Christians and self proclaimed "rednecks" are very loyal with a strong sense of justice which often is expressed in how they spend their time and money. Had A&E stood up for Phil in the face of the persecution he has received from these special interest groups, I am certain you would have experienced an unprecedented boon in viewer loyalty and growth in merchandising.

I am certain that you are receiving many such letters today and like many others I have seen on Facebook, I too will be voicing my discord by blocking your channel from our TV.

I pray that you will listen to the outpouring of your once loyal viewers and not only rescind your decision to remove Phil from the show, but understand the desires of the North American viewers for more shows like this. It is my sincere hope that your channel will one day become a staple of our television choices.

May God bless you and lead you to the right decisions and a better understanding of your audience.


Aaron Stevenson