8 Things Every Husband Wants To Hear



1. Wives Respect Your Husbands...

The universal love language for men is respect. Husbands yearn to feel esteemed, especially by their wives. Here are ten things that all husbands need to hear.

2. "I believe in you."

This is an instant confidence booster and can turn any seeming defeat into a delayed victory. When your husband is facing one of life’s many setbacks, this is a secret weapon to help him feel empowered to stay the course.

3. "I appreciate all you do for our family."

This is high on the list for men. We want to know what we are doing is not only helpful to our family, but that the most important woman in our life recognizes and appreciates this. It’s a welcome compliment whether it’s directed toward the work that provides for our families or chores we do to help out around the house.



4. "I admire you."

Always try to catch the things he’s doing right and make a big deal out of it! So often, the focus is on the failures and the slip-ups. This can beat a person down. Lift him up by reinforcing the positive and admiring the things he does well.

5. "You were right. I was wrong."

Admit when you get it wrong, but more than that tell him when he’s right. Exercising humility at this level, keeps the marriage healthy and let’s your husband know that he’s more important than your pride.


6. I’m proud to be your wife.

Be sure he knows without a doubt that you’re happy with the choice you made. Let him know you would do it all over again even if circumstances were different.

7. “I need you.”

Those knight in shining armor stories are rooted in something very important to men. We want to know we are needed. Slaying the dragon and rescuing the princess are real to us. It may not be precisely as the fairy tales depict it, but the principle rings true. We want to feel useful, and we want you to know that you can turn to us when you want help, although you are totally capable of doing it on your own.



8. “I want you”

By saying “I want you“, you’re letting your husband know that you love him for his intrinsic qualities. You want him for who he is, no matter what he accomplishes or what he looks like. The intimacy of want says “I desire you”, “I want to be married to you”, “I enjoy you”. It doesn’t always translate into physical intimacy, but it will certainly always encourage your husband.