5 Reasons Why I Want The Next Woman I Kiss to be My Wife

This entry on kissing is one of humor, so be prepared for some tongue-and-cheek action (comedic rimshot). But for real this is a conversation that needs to continue.

I feel like kissing is a form of affection that is used too flippantly these days.What happened to kissing being sacred? What happened to it being a special milestone that a couple reached to signify the value and commitment in their relationship? It used to be that kissing was a way of saying that you are legitimately interested in each other but now it’s become a sign that you’re more into each other’s jurisdiction if ya know what I mean. So, here’s why I hold kissing to be of such value that I hope the next woman I kiss is the last woman I kiss…and that eventually we kiss a lot…and, well, I digress but here’s my reasoning:

1) She Deserves It

My wife will be the queen of my life. My wife is the one who says “I do” to me. Me! One who can’t say that I’ve even been close to perfect in the world’s eyes… Who the hell am I to say she doesn’t deserve all I can preserve at this point? She is the woman I will be cherishing for the rest of my life. The woman I laugh with, cry with, think with, fight with, travel with and make life-lasting memories with. She’s my love, my world, my joy and my cook (totally kidding). This woman doesn’t deserve a man who is faithful to her just during marriage; she deserves a man who is faithful to her NOW.

2) I’ve kissed enough women in my life

When we hide our pasts we inadvertently hide the restoration that comes from Jesus. The louder we shout our pasts the louder we shout Jesus. So, here I am. I’ve kissed way too many girls in my life. Am I ashamed? Of course. I wish I could say I hadn’t gotten around so much. But it’s the past. So what now? I allow the Holy Spirit to continue forming me into the man he wants me to be. My time of sleazing around is over. I am a new creation in Christ thus my actions will reflect. The only woman I will sleaze around with will be the woman I sleaze with the rest of my life.

3) Anyone else may become someone else’s wife

Look, until the ring is on the finger there is a chance of separation. It’s important to remember this because the affection we give to someone may eventually be someone else’s spouse. I don’t think affection ever takes value from an individual. But it’s a respect issue. If you love someone then you should be willing to respect them in the present but always remaining cognizant of the potential future, yours and theirs.

4) The longer you wait, the more value it has

As I stated in my introduction kissing is a means of affection that communicates so much- or at least it used to, and I’m bringing it back! Considering the continuum of affection kissing is among the more passionate maneuvers, right? Well then shouldn’t it be held with more regard? Shouldn’t it be reserved? Kissing without connection is merely a sloppy wet kiss and transaction of germs and likely a portion of the participants’ last meals. But really, the longer you wait to kiss the more respect you’ve shown each other, the more concern you show for your relationship and the closer it will bring you two. Really, the longer you wait to kiss the longer you’ll want to kiss (in the present and future haha).

5) I want to help her preserve her purity

God commands us to be pure. This command is not given through a dictator dialect. Rather it’s a beautiful command given to us because the Father knows his creation and the order of it. Purity brings joy. As children of God; covered in grace and adopted into royalty we deserve a pure relationship. But purity doesn’t just happen. Boundaries are set, standards are made and accountability is key. I don’t want to kiss another girl until I know we’re going to be married. That way the respect, commitment and accountability that we’ve established will bring our purity to fruition and we can keep the goods for marriage.