5 Ideas To Create Your Own War Room, I Got It!

1. Or get REAL extreme and plaster the whole wall in sticky note prayers!


Don’t worry we won’t judge you.


2. Grab this Prayer in Progress printable door hanger so others know not to disturb your war zone!


Find this printable here: http://rachelwojo.com/creating-place-pray/

3. Or create a prayer pail and pull some things from the bucket to prayer for each day.

prayer 0

Instructions here: http://www.lubirdbaby.com/2011/12/prayer-pail-update.html

4. We love this idea! Grab some stick and click lights to brighten up dark closet spaces!


Photo credit: https://instagram.com/amgs16/

5. No space in your closet? We got you! Grab a room divider like this one from Ikea to section off an area of your room for prayer!


Find this one and more here: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query=room+divider

Get your war room together and revolutionize your prayer life! May God bless you.