4-year-old British Girl Killed by Her Family's Pet Dog


This is so sad... a little British girl was reportedly attacked to death on Tuesday at home by her family's pet dog.

Lexi Hudson, 4, was suddenly picked up at her apartment and shaked like a rag doll by the huge dog. She was sleeping at that time, according to Mirror News.

Though Lexi's mom, Jodi Hudson, 30, desperately tried to stop the dog from attacking her daughter. After failing to stop it she took a knife and stabbed the dog to death. However, Lexi died after being rushed to hospital.

Friend of the family Paul Ryan told The Telegraph Jodi is absolutely distraught. She's only had the dog for two months.

"Lexi was always playing with it. She picked it up from the pound - it was a dog that had suffered abuse in the past but she said it had a very soft nature."

"It's obviously a huge dog, and Lexi wouldn't have stood a chance if it went for her - she's such a small little girl," Ryan added, according to The Telegraph.

Neighbors in the community were shocked by the horrific attack.

"I saw her run into the street and she was screaming, and I tried to comfort her. It's so sad — and shocking," Samantha Clarke, 26, told The Mirror.

Oliver Temprall, 63, told The Telegraph: "It is terrible, I can't imagine how her mum Jodi must be feeling. This has rocked the community, it is such a sad state of affairs.”

"She absolutely adored Lexi, she was her only child and she absolutely doted on her. This is absolutely tragic. We're all in a state of shock," another resident added.