3-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets Postcards From All Over The World

Little Ellie a 3-year-old girl in Washington, was just 4 months old when her mother, Sarah Walton, noticed a lump on her head. Doctors would later diagnose her with a rare form of brain cancer.

Cancer steals years and people, hearts and minds, but in this case, it’s actually giving something to this family - a chance for them to see the world, right from their living room.

Ellie’s mom put out the call for postcards, and soon they started coming, from Stockholm to South Korea.

“The world has so much to offer you - you both should be able to travel and see different countries,” reads one of the many postcards - this time from Turkey.

It’s only one of the 500 postcards Ellie received just the past month.

Ellie might never make it to Turkey or Tahiti, the world her parents always wanted her to see, but this way, the world is coming to their mailbox, thanks to strangers touched by the spirit of a brave little fighter.