2011 Best Christian Workplaces Revealed

The American Bible Society, Wheaton Academy and Joni & Friends have been listed as some of the best Christian workplaces in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Each organization qualified for the 2011 list, compiled by Best Christian Workplaces Institute, after receiving high scores in an anonymous BCW employee engagement survey. The survey has reached over 100,000 employees to date since its debut nine years ago in the U.S. and Canada. Australia was surveyed for the first time for the latest list.

In a statement Wednesday, the president of BCWI, AL Lopus, commented, "We salute this year's Best Christian Workplaces for their intentional efforts to nurture an organizational culture that reflects God's divine nature; even in a difficult economy. One benefit of a healthy organizational culture is that it translates to meaningful ministry growth, based on our research.

"We would strongly encourage anyone who isn't working in a Christian organization to consider one of these, especially if they have a desire to be a part of a mission greater than themselves."

Any Christian company or organization that wants to be certified or recognized as the best Christian workplace must first complete a BCWI employee engagement survey and meet predetermined standards of excellence.

Each employee must rate a statement on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) of more than 50 questions that address an array of topics. Some of the topics include: job satisfaction, organizational commitment, Christian witness, supervisory effectiveness, work satisfaction, personal growth and development, management effectiveness, customer/supporter satisfaction, teamwork, communications and pay and benefits.

According to BCMI, one of the most notable conclusions during the survey was that employee satisfaction didn't correlate with the employers' budget. According to statements made, the employees cared more about their employers having a clear mindset and attitude towards them.

Employees' positive responses were also influenced by the freedom of talking about their faith while at work.

The Washington-based company is sponsored by different associations depending on the country. In Canada, it is sponsored by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and in Australia the survey is sponsored by the nonprofit, nondenominational member based organization, Christian Management Australia.

The 2011 Certified Best Christian Workplaces in the U.S. include:

• American Bible Society
• Apartment Life
• Appalachian Bible College
• Briarcrest Christian School
• Coalition for Christian Outreach
• Christian Heritage Academy
• CRISTA Ministries
• English Language Institute/China
• InterVarsity Press
• Joni & Friends
• Knox Area Rescue Ministries
• Lake Ann Camp
• Lancaster Bible College
• Lincoln Christian University
• MOPS International
• Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Church
• Olivet Nazarene University
• Phoenix Seminary
• Samaritan Ministries International
• Southland Christian Church
• Upward Sports (formerly Upward Unlimited)
• Wheaton Academy
• World Harvest Mission

The 2011 Recognized Best Christian Workplaces in Canada include:
• Beulah Alliance Church
• Focus on the Family (Canada)

The 2011 Certified Best Christian Workplaces in Australia include:
• MMM Australia