20 Sincere Prayers for America on July 4th

1. Father I pray that this great nation goes back to the morals, the life and the love for You that we should all be feeling now. America is a great country let's pray that it is a God fearing country. --Linda Ludwig-Hull

2. For God to bring conviction upon our Government Leaders to make them see how their sinful ways and to remind them of how our Forefathers wanted America to be. --Anthony Conley

3. America to wake up and realize the destruction that they have allowed to happen to our country. --Heidi ZB

4. Humble ourselves and as a nation turn our Hearts to God and acknowledge HIM and his Word as the final and governing authority for our lives. No longer compromise our morals and values in a way that is currently ruining the next generation. --Carletta E. Griffin

5. That our Nation turns back to our Lord, and we are once again known as a Christian nation, with morals and integrity. And our leaders begin to turn to God for wisdom and discernment. --Donna Jean Atkins Smith

6. I pray, dear Father, that the evil that resides in Washington is removed. I pray Father, that the islamic movement is silenced and that ALL Christians stand up for You. Please return to America and Bless her once again. We need You Father, now more than ever. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. --Greg Anderson

7. For the U.S. to turn back to God! For Americans to wake up in the next election and vote in people who have strong conservative values and lead by the constitution! --Carol Howard Fights

8. Gay marriage becomes illegal again and us Christians win a battle for a change. --Jessie Ocasio

9. 'Restore O LORD, the honour of Your Name in works of soverign power, revive Your Church again, that men may see and come with reverent fear to The Living God, whose Kingdom shall outlast the years'....etc.... (as the song goes), Amen --Elizabeth Young

10. That there will be a Revival and national and individual repentance and turning back to the Creator who gave us this great land!That the present leadership would be reached and replaced with G-d fearing men and women. --Mary Ready

11. That Gods people would wake up , rub the veil threads out of their eyes & "humble themselves, pray , seek the face of the Lord & turn from every wicked way" . Maybe if Gods people stopped thinking like the world we could have revival & a Jesus revolution. --Jeanne De Pasquale Sparks

12. We would return to God, desire purity, to leave behind our double minded rebellious ways... For true passion for worship and helping others. May we put God and his way of doing things very first at all times. God revive this nation, these dry bones can live again, breath into us. Amen. --Jason Lee That

13. To turn to, or back to, The Lord God Almighty; ask for individual forgiveness; get right with Him; realize He is our One and Only Hope; live life which reflects honoring and fearing Him; be strong in Him; be diligent and vigilant every day-knowing Satan is on the prowl seeking someone to devour. --Sheri May Bailey

14. For God to reveal himself and for there to be a great awakening in this country from border to border. For forgiveness and healing and redemption. For God not to remove his hand from us and for the hearts of the lost to be changed. For God to do what he does best! --Sonia Higginbotham Wells

15. Fights For the U.S. to turn back to God! For Americans to wake up in the next election and vote in people who have strong conservative values and lead by the constitution! --Carol Howard

16. That the Lord not give us what we deserve but show great mercy opening the hearts of those who don't know the saving power of His one and only Son. And that the power of the Holy Spirit would lead the people of our land to humble ourselves and repent before the Lord so that once again we would receive His blessings. And for peace in Jerusalem. --Melissa McPeak Gallen

17. To pray for our president, and our leaders to make Godly decisions to lead our country into victory. And for the holy spirit to deeply convict our leaders from making UNGODLY decisions that are not based on the word of God. Our country was founded on the word of God that is why we have been successful but we have to continue pressing forward with God's help. We can't do it on our own we need God's help. We are all in this together. --Singi Bowen

18. That We as a Nation will turn back to God!So many have gotten further and further away from God,and alot done away altogether! GOD sets the moral boundries,the Conscience of right and wrong, The love of neighbor, A man is born a free man to country,I pray America to read what our founders took into account when drafting our Constitution;ultimatly based on the principles of God! --Michelle King-barker

19. Father we come to you humbly in prayer and we ask that you give us your children the strength to take your word to the nonbelievers of this once great nation. Also father that you would give us the wisdom to do so, Just as you gave Solomon. Please father soften the hardened hearts of the great many of this nation and help them to remember that this country was founded in your name. It is in your son Jesus name we pray amen. --Marty Brown

20. Sovereign and everliving God, who can only grant the peace that the world cannot give, watch over our Christian nation of America. Guide us through these storms and tempests of war, insurrection, disease, poverty, lack of education. We give you thanks for the men and women who have made us great and continue to do so. Bring us what we need to fortify us and rid us of all evil and wickedness to the maintenance of your true religion and virtue. All this we ask in Jesus name. AMEN. --Keith Charles Edwards

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