18 Biblical Quotes Inspire Me Most When I Am Down

"I feel His Love and Mercy every Sunrise and Sunset!"

"Only He can cleanse the impurity in our heart but if we ask Him then He shall make you Pure!"

"Believing in God says I will trust in Him through good and bad times!"

"He has Risen above and given us Love, Sent His only Son for Everyone!"

"Never set your Eyes upon this world for the things upon it shall pass Away!"

"We are designed to follow God and draw near to him!"

"The time is here to decide whether to Serve or Deny Him!"

"Though I am alone I can call upon Him at all times!"

"We are not guaranteed protection from this world but we can be guaranteed Everlasting Life!"

"Sharing the Gospel doesn't have boundaries it is up to each individual to accept or deny it."

"The Spirit and Flesh are one upon this earth but once we die the Spirit is Everlasting."

"A blind man is one who can't see the truth but the man who has seen the light carries on with the truth."

"Being in the Presence of God is an Awestruck life changing Experience!"

"Is it worth being remembered or is better to Inherit the Kingdom?"

"Never set your Eyes upon this world for the things upon it shall pass Away!"

"Your thoughts can be uncontrolled and temptations arise but not yielding towards temptation is the key to Life."

"For many will not see the very thing he has laid upon us but those who follow in His will shall be Blessed."

"The Flaws of man is no match for the perfection of God for the wretched rags that are put upon man are none in comparison to the Glory of God!"

"If we don't serve the Father then whom are we serving?"