17-year Boy Suffer From Progeria, But His Happiness Will Shock You

When the video was recording, Sam Berns was only 17 years old. 

This young man was suffering from a rare genetic disease called progeria, child condition that produces the sudden aging of the body, padeciéndola 7 million newborns. Also, it is said that the average age of life of patients is 13 years.

In addition, Sam knew his body would not last long, so long as he lived he always sought to be an example and teachings of life to all those who complained for any tiny problem, these were:

1. Accept what you can not change and focus on WHAT IF YOU CAN

Think of how unhappy you are or problems that you play live, but they will cause you to live a sad life. However, if you begin to look for ways to change things, you'll be happy.

2. Surround yourself with people MAKES YOU WELL

Being surrounded by wonderful people will help you always think positively and give you tips to get the best of you.


always look ahead is the best way to achieve your dreams and have them always in mind not to deviate from the chosen goal.

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