Why I Will Not Give Up Anything For Lent.

EAST STROUDSBURG - I decided to give up nothing for lent. Yes, I love the Lord; and am committed to conforming to His image. However, as I grow from day to day, moment to moment, I realize I am captured. The conformity demands complete allegiance. Just as Paul struggled with the conflict in his flesh, described in Romans 7:14--25, we all obviously have the same struggle. So what I would give up temporarily, I would rather give up permanently. Otherwise, why would I give it up? If I ate too much ice cream which made weight gain a problem, I wouldn't give it up for a period of time, I would prefer to moderate my intake at all times. If that were too difficult and led to greater temptation, perhaps it would be better to give it up permanently. I know that sacrifice will be replaced with heavenly rewards. After a while walking with the Spirit has an overall effect in everything we do, such that, we begin having automatic discernment regarding anything that doesn't feel godly. Yet, if my greatest temptation were lust for females, I wouldn't walk around with blinders for lent; I would prefer to grow in grace. Needless to say I have no problem with lent or anything meant to glorify the Lord; but I also find that some of us tend to let up our sense of urgency once the fast is over. So I prefer periodic fasts when the Spirit leads.